Some people said I would never do it, and to be honest with you I actually had a few doubts myself. But I'm here to let you know that my first solo recording is finally completed and available. “Smooth Moves” was delivered to me on June 30, 2004 and now I'm ready to pass my music onto you.

Listen to excerpts from each of the tracks to include the title cut “Smooth Moves,” “Thinking About You,” “Evening In Sedona,” “Night Time Lover,” “Oh Happy Day!,” “Who Can I Turn To?,” “Perdido,” “Just Squeeze Me” and, “After The Show,” I'm sure you will enjoy the music.

Each order from the website will be specially autographed by yours truly.

Get your copy of “Smooth Moves” today!

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Listen to sound bytes from the "Smooth Moves" CD below by clicking the music title.

1. OH HAPPY DAY - Edwin Hawkins (6:01)
2. NIGHT TIME LOVER - Ken Trimmins (6:15)
3. THINKING ABOUT YOU - Ken Trimmins (5:18)
4. JUST SQUEEZE ME - Duke Ellington (6:35)
5. SMOOTH MOVES - Ken Trimmins (5:59)
6. PERIDO - Juan Tizol (6:01)
7. EVENING IN SEDONA - Ken Trimmins (7:03)
8. AFTER THE SHOW - Ken Trimmins (6:53)
9. WHO CAN I TURN TO? - Anthony Newley (4:13)


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